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Fast, flexible, and highly customizable tools for success


Having the speed to analyze situations and respond effectively is a key to being successful in your business. We help you take advantage of this factor with an advanced set of call center reporting tools.

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Fast and Automated Data Reporting

Timely, accurate reporting serves a crucial role in our ThinSourcing relationship. Maintaining a transparent line between us and our clients requires a rapid exchange of relevant data.

Through real-time reporting of advanced performance data and analysis we’re able to quickly make recommendations and adjustments to your program to help you meet your business objectives.

Designed to pinpoint client specifics

Our dedicated client services team is proficient in delivering data in high quality, custom formats that help you report your progress, whether it’s for desktop sharing or meeting room presentation.

Instead of simply charting statistics, we base our reporting on the goals we establish for your business, narrowing in on the key data points and indicators that will demonstrate the effectiveness of your campaign.

Fast results, customizable formats

The one common thread to our customized reporting is quick turnaround—good data has a lessened impact if you can’t react and respond to drive your business forward. You can expect results delivered to you on-time and accurately.

Our team can automate the sending and receiving of files and reports over a number of different protocols. We're also able to accommodate a number of different file formats to suit your needs and reduce your steps in analyzing and sharing.

Additional access through an online dashboard

Beyond our automated reporting tools, clients can also access data through our proprietary WebReporting tool, an online dashboard viewable through a standard computer or mobile browser.

This real-time access offers you the added benefit of seeing results on your terms, mid-day, rather than waiting for next-day reporting.

Access to your data is protected through our advanced security procedures. We ensure that your data will provide a key advantage to your business and yours alone.

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