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Our dedicated investment into productivity and results


Call center training is a hallmark of our business. The value of a properly trained agent includes his or her immersion into your brand.

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Contact Center Agent Training

The cornerstone of our agent training begins in the classroom. Agents are trained on your material, learning the nuances of your brand including your unique selling proposition and key messaging. Need assistance with your training materials? Our team of expert instructional designers will work with you and create high-quality assets for your brand.

ThinSourcing, embracing your company and culture

The value of a properly trained agent is largely dependent on his or her immersion into your brand. We leverage the power of ThinSourcing, a cost-effective process where we conform to our clients’ voice, style and terminology. It’s virtually impossible to tell work is being outsourced.

From day one, agents are trained to understand your brand, your values, and your goals and treat your customers the way you would want them to be treated. There is, in effect, a very thin line between us and you. To your customers, this feels like an authentic experience with your brand, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

To learn more, please visit our ThinSourcing page. 

Exceptional teachers, superior methods

It’s our belief that consistency is a vital aspect of any meaningful training program. Our agents are taught by certified instructors using the latest techniques in adult learning. That way we know the knowledge transfer of your brand’s key messaging will be routinely successful. And, to add the assurances of quality and accountability, each lesson is tracked for your records in our proprietary learning management system.

Added value from on-the-job training

Training doesn’t end in the classroom. Our agents receive continued training and development through our mentor program, on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching and development sessions with their team leader. Our teams boast a 12:1 agent-to-supervisor ratio, an unparalleled support system.

It’s a considerable investment we make, but it comes through in our industry-high retention rates

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