DialAmerica DialAmerica offers domestic call center services for a variety of industries that align with your business needs for customer acquisition and retention.
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Contact center success driven by key data intelligence


Your ROI depends on a contact center service that gets real positive results. We fortify our full-service marketing results with a business intelligence unit—client service and data analysts who dive in and monitor your campaign's performance throughout our engagement.

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Call Center KPI Improvement Analytics

We keep our eyes on your ROI by segment to ensure we maximize results. Using our proprietary analytics software, we examine all factors that can affect and ultimately improve performance on your KPIs. We track everything from response rate to calling efficiency by time of day to performance by segment.

Results are trended and analyzed over a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. This in-depth data reporting allows us to pivot and make adjustments mid-campaign to increase the efficiency of your call center program.

Call center programs custom-built for your business

You want your business to stand apart from your competitors and so do we. That’s why we go beyond just listening and recording, and create customer-targeted programming that zeroes in on your specific goals.

We evaluate every key indicator to determine lead segmentation, list penetration, and daily calling timeframes. From this information we create contact management strategies that maximize net performance.

Our contact management strategy, in conjunction with our marketing strategies, are developed to maximize net yield from every segment.

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