DialAmerica DialAmerica offers domestic call center services for a variety of industries that align with your business needs for customer acquisition and retention.
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Billions of phone calls without one regulatory citation. Ever.


Working in tandem with your business, it’s our job to know all the regulations that affect your livelihood. We make sure our agents and programs are current in the latest compliance knowledge. In other words, we worry so you won’t have to.

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Regulation and Compliance Training

We go the extra mile to ensure our clients have a high degree of confidence that their business fully meets relevant laws and regulations.

Regulations are continually changing, to the degree it’s difficult to stay up-to-date. Think of our compliance department as the first line of defense for your business. We protect your customer-facing activities by remaining focused and up-to-date on all federal regulations, state regulations and laws involving the teleservices industry. We keep all parties informed of changes directly affecting your business.

Backing it up with training and support

In conjunction with our Human Resources and Operations departments, our Compliance team ensures all staff and agents receive frequent updates on important compliance information through training and testing.

Furthermore, as a backup we retain legal counsel to ensure ongoing compliance in every aspect of telemarketing and professional fundraising.

To further fortify our compliance expertise, we maintain longtime and outstanding memberships of two leading industry organizations, the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) and the Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

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