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Teleservices in Tough Times

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Teleservices in Tough Times

Art Conway
 Chairman, DialAmerica

Tough economic times challenge businesses to devise strategies that deliver tangible financial results – often within a very short time period. Teleservices programs provide an exceptionally effective solution in this environment. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. A teleservices marketing campaign can be ramped up and executed fast. Within a few weeks, you can have a team of trained agents on the phone contacting prime prospects with a compelling sales proposition.

  2. Teleservices programs are highly controllable and transparent. Real-time data enables you to continuously track exactly how you are doing vs. your sales goals.

  3. By closely monitoring the performance of your teleservices campaign, you can make refinements on the fly – to the audience targeted, to the selling script, to the offer – enabling you to constantly improve performance.

  4. With a teleservices campaign, there are no upfront ‘sunk costs’ for production that need to be overcome before you start generating a return on your investment.

  5. Inventories typically rise during tough times. A teleservices campaign is one of the most effective ways to move product quickly, generating revenues and reducing your carrying costs.

  6. Receivables often slow down during difficult financial periods. A teleservices reminder program to slow payers can dramatically increase your cash inflow.

  7. During tough economic times, more people stay at home rather than going out for meals and entertainment. Consequently, these consumers are more easily reached via phone, increasing the productivity of your teleservices campaign.

  8. Similarly, in difficult times more individuals need jobs. Teleservices companies benefit from the very high caliber of people who are available to work in call centers in this environment.

  9. Outsourcing a sales campaign to a teleservices partner reduces a business’ operating costs – for sales people, space, travel and a wide range of other overhead expenses.

  10. Teleservices can build your brand. Skilled agents speak to consumers in the voice of your brand, enhancing its image as they help you garner immediate sales results.

As the nation endures what many experts think will be a sustained recession, teleservices represents a vital solution that can help businesses meet challenging sales goals, while helping our nation stimulate its faltering economy.

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