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3 Steps to Prepare Your Members for Possible ACA Changes

Are you prepared to help your members navigate changes to the ACA?

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3 Steps to Prepare Your Members for Possible ACA Changes

With the uncertain future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health plan members require assistance in understanding the potential changes to their coverage. Members need your help in navigating the complex healthcare system today – and proactive support in planning for their health needs tomorrow.

Health insurance carriers can expect to see increasing call volumes from members asking how proposed changes may affect their individual plans, as well as Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Some experts predict call volume will increase by as much as 40 percent.

Here are three simple ways you can prepare to help your health plan members navigate possible changes to their coverage:

  • Be ready: Have the right messaging in place to address the inbound concerns of your health plan members regarding how any changes might impact them.

  • Be proactive: Reach out to your health plan members before they come to you. As details unfold, contact members with updates explaining what is happening and outlining next steps to take.

  • Act now: Hold a strategy session to outline a plan of action for your customer base and confirm you have the resources in place to meet your objectives.

Whether it’s managing inbound communications or building a proactive outreach campaign to keep your customers informed ahead of healthcare changes, DialAmerica offers expert staff to help you transform member anxieties into meaningful touchpoints.

Educating your members on changes to their coverage is important. Our Member Experience Member Outreach (MEMO) platform is designed to provide all of the elements required for a successful member outreach campaign.

Download the whitepaper for our MEMO process.




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