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Your Contact Center is the Key to Multichannel Marketing Success

In a 2012 study, Sitecore found that 9 in 10 marketers believe multichannel marketing boosts sales and profitability. Fast forward and this focus on the benefits of multichannel marketing has only accelerated, especially with ever-increasing innovations in and use of multi-screen marketing and the continued proliferation of smart phones and tablets.

As marketers continue to leverage and emphasize multichannel campaigns, teleservices will remain an important consideration in their brands’ strategies because of the crucial, irreplaceable functions the contact center handles: 

Immediate Response

If your sales or service cycle demands immediate response to inquiries, regardless of what channel they are sourced from, a contact center can structure and scale to quickly meet that demand and grow your business. 

Personal Interactions

There are times when prospects, customers and others need personalized guidance not well suited to other customer service channels. Having a contact center available means that sensitive inquiries can be either escalated or immediately directed to a waiting brand representative. Not having this asset in place is a risk that may result in customer dissatisfaction and backlash. 

Centralized Strategies

The contact center can serve as the hub for your entire multichannel marketing effort. By integrating with numerous channels and avenues, contact center technologists and managers can guide and enhance prospect and customer experiences from a centralized location. 


Having a contact center on retainer at the start of any marketing effort gives brand managers the option to scale up as their business grows. When back-end technology solutions, agent training and other ramp-up items are already in place, this growth is natural and cost efficient.

As you look ahead to the next several quarters and begin to plan your brand’s growth path, be sure that the assets you need to achieve success are in place, and consider the value a strong contact center partner can offer. By investing in and improving capabilities now, your brand (and more importantly, your customers) will have future-proof solutions at their disposal.

We hope you found this month’s Dialogue informative.

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