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Why a Quality Over Quantity Approach Works for Call Center Lead Gen

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Why a Quality Over Quantity Approach Works for Call Center Lead Gen

You might be a sales rockstar, but flooding your sales pipeline with low-quality leads will forever defeat efficiency and rob your business of valuable "selling time." Time and again, our clients here at DialAmerica are seeking ways to make their lead generation processes more effective and more efficient.

In this article, we'll share with you three lead generation issues along with three solid solutions for improving your sales efficiency.

There's a good reason you'll want to take notice:

Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost, per Forrester Research.

1. Avoid categorizing all opportunities the same

Quite often, businesses model their lead generation efforts into one specific process or another. In effect, you create a one-dimensional process that yields similar and quite often disappointing results. Just as you wouldn’t rely on one channel for all of your efforts, you shouldn’t treat every lead as if they were of the same quality.

Instead, when you use a quality-first approach you can customize your lead nurturing process for better results, says Hugo Bader, DialAmerica VP of Business Development. He recommends starting with a qualification method to sort your prospects.

"For example, if a qualified prospect meets ten criteria, then categorize it as an A lead. If a prospect meets eight of the ten, then it is a B lead, if six of the ten, then a C lead," Bader says. "Beyond that, they really aren’t leads but nurture opportunities."

This process eliminates the ambiguity and gives you a qualitative basis for measuring each category of lead, along with helping you measure your sales team's performance in converting leads. Then, ultimately, the process allows you to cater your next touch point to where that prospect is in the sales funnel.

2. Lack of stakeholder buy-in

One of the key elements of success of a lead generation program is buy-in from all stakeholders. Most especially, it’s important to have your sales team fully-vested and believe in its value.

The process of ThinSourcing, one utilized by DialAmerica call center services, promotes a quality lead generation system because our Business Development Specialists become an extension of your sales team through extensive training and management. Through ThinSourcing, our Business Development Specialists learn every nuance of your business and established sales goals. Our agents are just as invested in the efficiency and overall success as your internal sales team.

As a result, your sales team has complete trust in the delivery of quality leads, and promotes enhanced efficiency of the overall sales process.

3. Wrong KPI measurement

Sales teams should focus on the results that truly matter. All too often, businesses are short-sighted in how they term "success," and what defines quality. You want to measure the main deliverable – adherence to your lead categorizing process. From there you can focus on sales execution.

Having detailed goals for your sales initiatives is vital. There are three types of Key Performance Indicators necessary for measuring success:

  1. Productivity: Track not just volume but pinpoint engagements with qualified decision makers. This becomes a KPI of efficiency that measures how hard your team is working and meeting this key productivity goal.
  2. Effectiveness: Measure the conversion of decision maker engagements to quality leads. This essential performance or effectiveness KPI measures how well your team is performing against established conversion performance goals.
  3. Marketing intelligence: Track refusals and unworkable list records. This data is worth its weight in marketing capital and will help improve audience targeting. It also provides key learnings about market perception of the company and its services/products, competition and that all important “other” refusal.


Summarizing these steps

Key steps:

  • Establish a customizable program that prioritizes leads through different categories.
  • Create trust between your lead generation team and stakeholders using a ThinSourcing approach.
  • Identify the correct KPIs to measure the execution of your lead generation channel.

A successful lead generation program will contribute to accomplishing two critical objectives: 1) close more sales; 2) close more sales more quickly by making the sales channel more efficient.


Are you ready to win at lead gen?

Statistics show, only 20% of businesses are feeling successful in their lead generation activities. An outsourced call center service offers you efficient and effective solutions for goal setting, creating a plan, and putting your plan into action.

Want to boost your lead gen efforts this year? Contact DialAmerica to discuss ways we can partner with your B2B business and develop a highly effective lead generation program.


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