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6 Ways Contact Centers Can Save Your Company Time

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What is Your Time Worth?

Everywhere we look, companies are facing an all too common corporate struggle to ensure that employees are as productive as possible during work hours and not constantly sidetracked by emails, impromptu meetings and other interruptions. The Harvard Business Review recently identified time as the “scarcest resource” for companies and explored ways to quantify how much time an organization wastes.

The issue of time allocation can plague everyone from management to sales staff, but engaging partners that understand the value of your time will play a significant role in increasing productivity. This includes outsourced contact centers, which possess a host of capabilities and strategies that save companies time:

  1. Lead Generation - From B2B to consumer sales, reaching the right prospects can be a time consuming endeavor. When a contact center delivers the sales leads you need, it allows your team to focus on closing the deal and shortens your sales cycle.

  2. Appointment Scheduling – Sales teams that outsource appointment-setting teleservices save valuable time. Outbound agents will work on your behalf to qualify leads and lay the groundwork for follow-up sales calls and face-to-face appointments.

  3. Customer Service – Happy customers mean fewer unexpected hiccups for your business. Contact center agents committed to seamlessly integrating with and representing your brand are valuable loyalty drivers. And if a crisis ever occurs, you can have confidence that your agent team has the necessary skills and training to address customer needs.

  4. Scalability – Demand for sales and customer service functions fluctuates, a contact center with scalability can ramp up or down as necessary based on call volume, saving you time and money – and resulting in fast responses for customers.

  5. Reporting and Analysis – Using the right back-end technology and systems, a call center can deliver meaningful analysis, which translates data into results and overall superior customer understanding.

  6. Compliance – Staying on top of regulatory issues relevant to your business is critical. Outsourced contact centers help ensure ongoing teleservices compliance – in areas such as scripting disclosures and calling curfews – so you don’t have to. They should also be expert in the laws, terminology, and compliance requirements affecting your specific industry.

Time is a precious resource, but engaging with the right partners, including those that provide inbound and outbound call center services, for your business can help streamline your processes and increase your productivity.

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