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The Power of Positive, Personal Interactions

In the age of mobile phones and tablets, the way people interact and relate to others is rapidly evolving. Psychology Today recently said that younger generations are especially prone to informal, mobile-based methods of communications – like texting. Mobile has certainly affected older generations as well.

At the same time, people of all ages still seem to appreciate personal touches from brands. Such interactions may in fact be more valuable moving forward. Take Forbes' recent example of a company called Hex. It serves a diverse customer base with its mobile-centric products, and built its brand and customers' loyalty on the most simple, traditional and time-honored personal gesture – the handwritten thank you note.

While technology is changing the way we interact, it has not diminished the value of sincere interactions between brands and their customers, and marketers have many options at their disposal to accomplish that aim. Handwritten cards may not be scalable or viable in every situation, but the idea behind them certainly is.

Isn't this kind of "personal outreach" expensive?

Not necessarily. Underleveraged assets can be put to good use in this effort. For example, consider your contact center, which can be realigned and its staff trained to deliver this caliber of interaction. Simply using the contact center to say, "Thank you for doing business with us" or to ask, "Is there anything more we can do for you?" can set your brand above the rest.

What about scale?

In the case of the contact center, companies can turn to outsourced call center services. At first glance this may seem counterintuitive to the idea of personal interactions. However, if the partner is capable and committed, it can become an extension of your brand and brand voice. Check the provider's track record, training and capabilities before making this move.

Delivering personal touches when interacting with your current and potential customers should not be relegated to a "nice to have," as marketplaces fill and market share is harder to come by. To stand out, brands need to get personal – and your marketing partners, up to and including the contact center, may well be the best-equipped team members to meet the challenge.

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