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Regardless of the Channel, Keep It Personal and Customized

Marketers and customer service professionals wear many hats. On top of running day-to-day operations, establishing metrics and proving their value to the company’s bottom line, these leaders are increasingly responsible for the development and maintenance of brands.

They are also faced with the challenging task of identifying which marketing channels to utilize and leverage, as a way to both successfully go-to-market and provide customer service.

A stand out trend in this space right now is personalization. According to DMNews and Forrester, 92 percent of marketing and customer insight professionals say their companies have taken a greater interest in personalization this year.

Here are a few things to consider about personalizing the message:


In digital, the difference between personalized and non-personal communications is eminently clear. Most people receive digital marketing communications from companies in some context. Those that use rote presentations with no customization rarely stand out.

Disparate pieces of customer and prospect information must be harnessed, and used to customize messages that break through the clutter. While exploring a digital strategy, brand managers should be certain that they identify and use the right channels for their customer or prospect base.

Physical & Traditional

While physical and traditional channels may not be appropriate in every instance, many brands continue to employ traditional tactics in their wheelhouse of marketing capabilities.

Be it a flyer, a direct mail piece or even a localized, outdoor ad, customization is a must and should be sincere and personal. These channels are very mature (with billions in predicted spending this year), but there are new opportunities to consider. Direct mail, for example, can be enhanced with data mined in digital channels such as LinkedIn.


For a truly personalized experience, one-on-one channels, including in-person meetings, webinars, telephone calls and chat, are at the forefront. Serious business-to-business and consumer-facing marketers rely on these tactics for appointment setting and standout service interactions.

As with any other channel set, cross-channel knowledge of the individual(s) contacting — or being contacted by — a brand is crucial. Scripts and sales decks may have their place, but the personal touch, informed by data and the deep integration of any contact center partner that may be involved, will help brands rise above the competition.

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