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Keys for Creating a Lasting Customer Experience Strategy

If you are a business looking to grow sales and enhance your customer satisfaction ratings, there's a new normal. And businesses are clamoring for it.

It's all about having a dedicated, personalized customer experience strategy. If your brand doesn’t have one, there are some very good reasons it should. 

What is a customer experience strategy?

You may call it "customer experience" or "customer engagement," but a value-first, customer-centric approach to your product or service offering is proven to drive heightened levels of revenue, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Remarkably, only around a third of businesses have a formalized, documented customer engagement strategy, according to Forbes research. For something so important to your business, it seems a frivolous risk to leave to chance.

There's a huge window of opportunity for increased engagement within your brand, and documenting your plan ensures your customers are met with consistency and accountability.

The benefits of a lasting customer experience

Statistics don't lie. Customers who have a positive experience with your brand are 6 times more likely to purchase from you again, according to research by the Customer Experience (CX) consulting firm Temkin Group

With a formalized strategy in place, you step above traditional business mindsets because your focus is more on delivering an empathetic experience than selling your product or service. It's a humanized, empathetic approach.

Whether you're utilizing call center services, field sales reps or brick and mortar retail, a strong customer engagement strategy is the key to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Data shows that 86% of buyers [Forbes] will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that brands consistently meet their expectations.

Provide a human touch

Why does having a strong customer experience seem so important and elusive at times? Because today's customer is different. Today’s customer is connected in ways like never before, with handheld mobile and tablet technologies becoming the go-to resources for information.

Businesses face the challenge of building a one-to-one personalized connection with these devices, across many different channels. Having a robust customer experience strategy is vital for giving your brand the opportunity to connect.

Amazon, for one, has built its success on a near-obsession level of customer engagement and service. The brand lives by the creed that the better experience it delivers, the more it will become indispensable in peoples' lives. Truly, words to build on.

Build your personal connection

As in any walk of business, having a plan isn't enough to bring results – true positive impact comes when a brand puts its customer experience strategy in motion. In effect, "Talk the talk and walk the walk."

Ready to get started? Here are three keys your business can use to effectively deliver on a personalized customer experience strategy:

  • Personalize your message: Always make your customer feel as if you designed the product/service specifically for them. Do this by creating standardized customer service/sales team messaging that also allows flexibility to build rapport, ask questions, and humanize your approach.
  • Unify your voice: Ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your brand messaging. And this goes for everyone in your company – they should be able to speak to what customers deem important and why. This process demands a targeted approach to training, beginning in your new employee orientation and continuing with ongoing brand training throughout the employee's career.
  • Listen, learn and respond: One size does not fit all – so the way you approach your customer experience should always allow for flexibility and adaptation. Sales reps and customer service agents should be fully skilled in the methods of "active listening," fully understanding what is being communicated by the customer. Not only will it help your brand solve problems more effectively, but it will also build trust and loyalty with your customers.

Develop a strategy for your brand

As a call center service provider, DialAmerica has made the customer experience a cornerstone of its business. By providing a seamless, robust customer-facing strategy to our clients, we enable them to focus on their core strengths.

Making a human connection is an achievable outcome for your brand. DialAmerica has been helping businesses engage their customers with superior call center services for 60 years.


Do you want to know more? Stay tuned for Part Two of our Customer Engagement series or Contact Us today to learn how we can expand your customer experience strategy.

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