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Founded in '57 – DialAmerica's View of the Contact Center Industry 57 Years Later, & Where We're Headed

2014 marks 57 years since DialAmerica got its start in the contact center industry in 1957. In this special edition Dialogue, we would like to pause for a moment to reflect on this unique milestone, where our company and industry have been, and where we are headed.

When DialAmerica started, the world was a very different place. The telephone was, bar none, the fastest and surest way to reach consumers and business people, and direct telephone sales were a burgeoning new business model. Throughout the years, the industry has experienced tremendous success and growth.

As technology marched forward, contact centers became increasingly sophisticated. The advent of computer-based dialing systems and networking in the 1980s and early 1990s revolutionized the potential of contact centers to achieve a low cost-per-sale, increase their reach and provide tremendous value to clients.

The market began to change dramatically with increased offshoring of the contact center function throughout the 1990s and 2000s. Seeking even greater fiscal value, corporations across the country made the decision to take their contact centers overseas to tap into burgeoning workforces and favorable rates.

Through all of this, DialAmerica has maintained a constant, U.S. only presence. Serving American consumers and businesses – and selling to them – has always been DialAmerica's top priority. And that requires a high-degree of technological savvy and creativity, not to mention familiarity with the culture and temperament of the people that contact centers communicate with on behalf of clients.

When the National Do Not Call Registry went live in 2004, that creativity came to a head. DialAmerica was able to embrace the change and has never been cited for a regulatory violation. Meanwhile, its business capabilities and model adapted to this new reality through the adoption of new channels, like chat, increasingly important business strategies, like inbound marketing, and by doubling-down on training and management practices that increased individual contact center and agent successes.

So where are DialAmerica and its industry going? 

  1. The telephonic element will still be here – DialAmerica is committed to expertise and delivery in both inbound and outbound teleservices. The demise of these services has been greatly exaggerated. While we acknowledge that American consumers and businesses are increasingly online and mobile, DialAmerica's 57 years have indicated that there will always be the need for a telephonic solution. If one thing has remained true throughout the years, it is that a real voice at our end of the line is a brand-critical service and sales tool.

  2. It hasn't (and won't) be about offering every channel and capability – it's about offering the right ones – as consumers and businesses have evolved, DialAmerica has made marked, incremental commitments to new service offerings and capabilities. These have always been dictated by the exact demands of client businesses and their customers. From security expertise to perfecting the ability to sync with multichannel brand initiatives. We will continue to explore these new avenues.

  3. The future of teleservices is on-shore – as new brands emerge in areas like e-commerce and the sharing economy, brand experience will be paramount to company successes in crowded marketplaces. The brand differentiation and enhancement of on-shore teleservices will be key for many of these companies. And DialAmerica is the foremost expert in this category. 

Thank you for your consideration and readership as we reflect on the last 57 years, and we look forward to the next 57.

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