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Contact Centers Are Still Key to Great Marketing

Marketing is awash with buzzwords, complexity and new channels to consider adding to the mix. Developing and implementing a successful program can be overwhelming and fraught with risk. Thankfully, fundamental marketing truths have held up as marketers' options continue to increase.

Perhaps the most prominent of these is customers' increasing hunger for great brand experiences. As one MediaPost op-ed recently put it, “today's consumers are not only looking for the most attractive product or service, but also the best experience. Companies that don't create a memorable, positive and meaningful personal experience will surely risk extinction.”

Consider that 63 percent of customers point to service as being the most important factor in brand choice, and interestingly, up to 71 percent prefer to use offline methods to communicate with companies.

A marketing initiative can have the funniest ads, the best social and digital presence and the most fluid e-commerce experience, but if someone reaches out for support or to buy via phone and does not have a positive interaction with a brand, all the effort to get them to that point may be wasted.

Regardless of industry or marketplace, brands today must provide meaningful customer service experiences on the phone – and that is why call center services, and particularly domestic contact centers, continue to be a potent tool for brands looking to increase customer satisfaction.

The contact center, like marketing generally, has evolved into something more than the outdated perception it may have invoked in the past. It serves as the frontline of a brand at crucial moments in the customer – or potential customer's – lifecycle.

Whatever your marketing goals and needs, it is always worthwhile to consider how the contact center and the unique resources it provides can affect the outcome and bottom line of your business. In a great number of instances, it is still the key to delivering great marketing.

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