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  1. Contact Centers Are Still Key to Great Marketing

    Marketing is awash with buzzwords, complexity and new channels to consider adding to the mix. Developing and implementing a successful program can be overwhelming and fraught with risk. Thankfully, fundamental marketing truths have held up as marketers' options continue to increase. Perhaps the…

  2. Founded in '57 – DialAmerica's View of the Contact Center Industry 57 Years Later, & Where We're Headed

    2014 marks 57 years since DialAmerica got its start in the contact center industry in 1957. In this special edition Dialogue, we would like to pause for a moment to reflect on this unique milestone, where our company and industry have been, and where we are headed. When DialAmerica started, the…

  3. Outsourcing vs. Insourcing – What is best for you?

    Outsourcing is a healthy business practice that carries real economic benefits with it. This system drives innovation, competition and creativity in myriad industries and professions country and worldwide. At the same time, outsourcing is not the best choice for every business and situation. So,…

  4. Regardless of the Channel, Keep It Personal and Customized

    Marketers and customer service professionals wear many hats. On top of running day-to-day operations, establishing metrics and proving their value to the company’s bottom line, these leaders are increasingly responsible for the development and maintenance of brands. They are also faced with the…

  5. The Case for the Telephone in Customer Service

    At the 2014 Association of National Advertisers' 2014 Masters of Marketing Conference some 2,800 marketers and vendors gathered to discuss their craft. Throughout the event, the concepts of brand purpose and listening, as well as knowing and serving customers, came up repeatedly. Be it Target's…

  6. How to Get the Best Out of Your Contact Center in 2015

    After reviewing the past year and spending considerable time planning and preparing, businesses are enacting plans, employees are feeling motivated and refreshed and there is a renewed commitment to making this year better than the last. This is also a critical time for businesses to take a…

  7. Keys to Creating Business Distinction

    In today's hyper competitive, high-churn business environment, strategic rethinking is the main focus of many business leaders. While some are content with only minor adjustments, others are faced with the challenge of drastically revamping their brand. Scott McKain, a well-known business speaker…

  8. 10 Ways to Hire and Retain the Best Sales Talent

    Salespeople are invaluable to any business, but attracting and retaining the best sales talent is a unique challenge, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Beyond simple dollars, here are ten ways you can attract and retain the best sales team:   Provide a home – some sales people…

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