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How Advanced Call Center Training Leads to Better ROI

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4 Reasons Call Center Training Leads to Better ROI

There's one thing we can all agree on:

We want more sales- and loyalty-inspiring conversations with our customers. After all, more communication is always a good thing from a sales standpoint…if it's done right.

The downside is that hiring enough qualified people to share the load and be the voice of your business can be a risky proposition. It's the dilemma you face in choosing a call center service.

You worry about:

  • Impersonal treatment
  • Ignorance in the language of your brand
  • Customers placed on hold, transferred without concern
  • A lack of problem-solving skills
  • Service reps who simply don't care

Who represents your brand and its future success? It's a good reason to worry.

When telemarketing does build loyalty

Having a successful telemarketing and call center program is a huge payoff for your business. But it takes an advanced set of best practices and clear agent expectations in order to maximize the client/customer experience. It begins with training.

How well an agent is trained will make or break the quality and effectiveness of your customer service and sales interactions, as well as the long-term customer perception of your brand.

What does this mean? Agents are not just given a chair, a phone, and simple instructions. Instead, they undergo a personalized and comprehensive training program. DialAmerica, as a prime example, involves its candidates in an extensive program that includes scripting, systems, strategies, and products, making their agents an active partner with their clients. It's a distinction that's a major first step toward increasing your customer engagement—and one that sets your business apart from those who rely on typical telemarketing services.

"Our mission is to train the agents, using the right techniques, with the right tools, in the right processes, and at the right time to enable success on the program," says Norine Toomey, DialAmerica Senior Vice President.

Through meaningful instruction, agents will put your customer in a place of trust, and eliminate common interpersonal issues that lead to repeat calls.

Consider how this Harvard Business Review study found nearly a quarter of repeat customer service calls stem from emotional disconnects between customers and reps. A costly and time consuming occurrence from situations where the customer didn’t trust the rep’s information, or didn’t like the answer given.

Proper training will overcome these negative occurrences.

Here's how premium agent training equals ROI

Your customers rely on your call center as the front line for fast and easy access to information and resolution of their issues and needs. Businesses choose call centers like DialAmerica that invest more into our agents because better training translates into success for our clients.

Here are four key elements of training that increase your brand's engagement and effectiveness with your customers.

1) Hiring: A successful training program should begin at the hiring process. Finding the right agents for the job means seeking out and filtering out only the best candidates with the innate qualities for becoming excellent customer service agents, this includes:

  • A passion for helping people
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Self-motivating and positive attitude
  • Problem resolution-oriented mindset

2) Continuing Education: Training should never end in the classroom. Case in point: DialAmerica's agents receive continued training and development through a mentor program, on-the-job training, and one-on-one coaching and development sessions with their team leader. This allows agents to receive personalized performance feedback while on the job, ensuring optimum performance. Trainers also receive continuous professional development in adult learning theory and other training best practices to more effectively engage learners.

3) Scripting and Training Integration: All training items are designed for the maximum level of interactivity and collaborative learning possible. A heavy focus is placed on the nuanced aspects of dynamic conversations while the employee is in training. Using a personalized touch through integrated role playing methods makes a major difference in how agents come across for your brand.

4) Brand Adoption: It's vital that your agents come across as knowledgeable, impassioned in-house employees—a transparent experience that better engages customers. DialAmerica uses a ThinSourcing methodology where agents are exclusively trained in a client's voice, style and terminology. It’s virtually impossible to tell the work is being outsourced. This thorough training process that empowers agents to remain agile, adapting to unique customer issues and establishing a human connection with the customer.

Using the 4 methods above has proven to establish personable, trustworthy and helpful agents, a key to engaging with customers.

What type of customer engagement do you prefer?

It's an easy question with an obvious answer, but many businesses choose to get by with untrained, disassociated call center agents. For maximum effectiveness, you should choose a partner who will empower its agents with the finest tools, technology, and especially training.

Call DialAmerica today at (800) 913-3331, and let us show you how we can equip your business with call center services from industry-leading training programs.

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