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3 Steps That Should Form Your Customer Engagement Strategy

Regardless of what you sell or to whom you sell it, all businesses have a common goal that's universally shared: a positive customer experience.

You want happy customers.

Happy customers come back for more. Happy customers tell their friends about their positive experiences. Great customer experiences kick off an organic process that can reap limitless rewards. Building a reputation of trust and accountability has no ceiling.

At DialAmerica, the call center services we provide are a virtual blueprint for customer experience success. We custom-design an engagement strategy for our clients that includes three key steps:

Step 1: Build your foundation with goals

In our 60-years' experience working with call center clients, we've learned the building blocks to your customer experience strategy should be tied directly to your brand's goals.

Answer these questions to help formulate your plan:

  • Customer needs: What are my customer's primary needs and concerns?
  • Brand goals: How is my business equipped and prepared to solve these needs and concerns?
  • Emotional state: How do my customers feel before they seek my brand? How should they feel after?

Hopefully, these answers are easy to come by because they should reflect the core values, mission and strategies already deeply rooted in your brand.

Take time to outline these answers in a document or spreadsheet, then, after each answer, respond with action items for satisfying each topic. Share and get input from your entire organization. From these you can base your entire customer experience strategy.

Note: Pay close attention to the emotional element because it's a critical buy-in point for customers. Research by the Harvard Business Review found that banks gained more customer satisfaction from personal welcome notes and instructional videos than by simply providing assistance with transferring funds. Emotional connection works.

Step 2: Execute - make a human connection

How your plan is carried out is equally as important as your plan itself. This next stage of building your customer experience strategy defines the human behaviors your team will execute and be accountable for.

Making the human connection begins by performing tasks that foster an emotionally-centric bond.

Here’s a shortlist of some of tasks DialAmerica utilizes to establish a strong customer experience for its clients:

  • Staffing: Setting standards of excellence begins with recruiting the right candidates for your program. Customer service/sales agent positions require an ability to be personable, helpful and communicate with empathy.
  • Training: Next, you must create a targeted training plan, which incorporates brand, program and product knowledge as well as mastering tools used for reporting and documenting interactions.
  • Monitoring: As with any process, it's necessary to continually monitor and ensure agents are following your strategy and to make adjustments when needed.
  • Messaging: Building a trusted brand voice requires a unified and consistent voice, regardless of whom the customer is speaking with. DialAmerica's unique ThinSourcing model trains agents to speak in your brand’s unique voice and tone, thus becoming indistinguishable to the caller.
  • Personalizing: Never forget that every purchase or transaction requires an emotional connection. All facets of your customer experience should be humanized, helpful and empathetic.


Step 3: Feature a listen-first, responsive approach

The tried and true "customer is always right" approach only works if you truly know what the customer needs. Your brand's customer experience strategy will succeed if it can install a process of listening effectively and responding proactively.

Empower all of your sales/customer service agents to listen to feedback and concerns, and tailor their approaches to the customer needs. Not only will you have more efficient transactions, but you will leave your customers with a positive emotional feeling, thus earning trust and loyalty.

DialAmerica trains its customer service agents and sales representatives in the techniques of active listening and conscious conversations, ensuring they will reach a level of understanding with their customers.

Develop a winning customer experience for your brand

As a call center service provider, DialAmerica has made the customer experience a cornerstone of its business. By providing a seamless, robust customer-facing strategy it enables our clients to focus on their core strengths.


Do you want to know more? Read the first post in our Customer Engagement series or Contact Us today to learn how we can expand your customer experience strategy.

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