DialAmerica DialAmerica offers domestic call center services for a variety of industries that align with your business needs for customer acquisition and retention.
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Commitment to quality—US based contact centers


Government sales and service requires a high sensitivity to attention to detail, and rules and regulations. Our programs empower agents to become voices of authority for your organization.

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Providing citizens access to the knowledge they seek

When citizens reach out for assistance, they often have complicated and urgent questions. Since our call center may be their only direct interaction with an agency or department, it is critical for our representatives to be both knowledgeable and sensitive.

Our goal is for the citizens who require government customer service to experience a positive and productive interaction.

Data security measures citizens deserve

Identity security is an important issue to your contacts. That’s why we implement the strictest data protection policies to ensure that call center information remains under lockdown.

Our unparalleled IT department takes additional and redundant measures to ensure that all digital security measures are routinely reviewed and updated.

Compliance is also a key factor in our protective measures. We develop programs for your organization that abide by all city, state, agency, and department regulations. Please visit our Compliance page to read more about our commitment to our customers.


​We’re a partner that’s wholly focused on your success. Our teams are immersed in every step of the process, including recruiting the right employee profiles, training extensively in the specifics of your customer needs, and managing the results to ensure quality and accountability.

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