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DialAmerica announces brand new Member Experience Member Outreach (MEMO)

DialAmerica, a widely recognized top service provider in healthcare, announced a new comprehensive platform called Member Experience Member Outreach or MEMO. MEMO is a fully integrated and powerful suite of outreach tools designed to increase both member loyalty and personal health and includes six campaign modules:

  • Welcome Calls
  • Appointment Reminders
  • Wellness
  • Medication Adherence
  • ANOC Changes
  • Surveys

“We recognized the need to develop a truly comprehensive suite of member outreach tools to serve our clients and their members that would be both easy to use and highly effective. We are excited for the future and eager for the enhanced success the Member Experience Member Outreach (MEMO) platform will bring to healthcare plans,” said Chris Conway, president and chief executive officer at DialAmerica.

MEMO is the direct result of over 13 years of experience, research, planning and continuous process improvement for maximizing health plan business profitability. It incorporates the lessons learned from working with more than 20 health plans and handling more than 2.5 million healthcare member calls and interactions annually. MEMO is an easy to use, plug and play program and therefore, the perfect member outreach solution for all Medicare, Medicaid, ACA and commercial Health Plans.

Download the MEMO overview to learn how DialAmerica and MEMO can turn member satisfaction into your most important competitive advantage.

To speak to someone regarding MEMO call 800-913-3331.

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