Teleservices for Healthcare

The DialAmerica Difference

At DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions we know hiring a contact center is a major commitment. Additionally, we realize that all contact centers claim to be the best. So you might be asking - what is it that sets DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions apart from the rest? We call it the DialAmerica Difference…

Business Model

DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions begins every engagement by gaining an in-depth understanding of our client’s business. Then we strategically design a customized program that works seamlessly with our client’s platforms and internal systems. Essentially our programs work as an extension of your company. We call this approach ThinSourcing and it means delivering services that are virtually indistinguishable from the way your company would provide them. At DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions, when our agents become an extension of your brand and everything it represents, your beneficiaries receive the best service possible.

Training Program

Our proprietary training modules and stringent quality assurance standards ensure our agents are using appropriate call management techniques to deliver superior service to your beneficiaries and prospects. The agents at DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions are trained in professional telephone etiquette, including conversational skills, active listening, showing respect for the beneficiary, developing rapport, and dealing with irate beneficiaries. The result? The highest first call resolution rate from a customer service team committed to your success.

Contact Center Management

Executing customized programs that produce satisfied beneficiaries with each interaction takes a level of detail that can only happen when programs have tight supervision. That's why our Agent-to-Supervisor ratio is 12:1, the lowest in the industry. Our experience has taught us quality, not quantity, is what makes effective teleservices program.

Our Agents

At DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions we take staffing very seriously. After all, our agents don't just represent us; they represent you, every day, with current and potential beneficiaries. We adhere to the highest hiring standards in the industry, give our agents the tools to succeed and make sure training is an ongoing and evolving process.

The DialAmerica Difference

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