DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions is one of the nation’s top multichannel healthcare call centers. With over 50 years of industry experience, we support insurance carriers with highly focused enrollment and retention programs that provide the results companies require. Our skilled staff utilizes proven processes that provide clients with innovative, comprehensive, and secure implementations, backed by flawless operations. Our customizable Healthcare Solutions benefit plan providers, insurance agents and brokers. We provide exceptional customer care to year-round or seasonal plan members. DialAmerica prides itself on its two-tiered inbound system, which handles requests in a streamlined, cost-effective and compliant manner. Our outbound capabilities are supported by knowledgeable agents who take a personalized approach to providing information. Agents operate within 21 HIPAA-compliant call centers, which are located exclusively in the United States.

Strategies for Healthcare Telemarketing

Acting as an extension of your company, DialAmerica uses a strategic approach to every program we create. This means that during healthcare telemarketing campaigns, we’re perfectly aligned with your values and goals. And when your beneficiaries contact us, they receive the best service experience. Our comprehensive healthcare member and provider solutions include these services:

Application status
Vision benefits explanation
Durable medical equipment support
Skilled nursing facilities inquiries
Check re-issues
Prior authorization
Pharmacy support
Multifaceted claims support
Member eligibility support for providers
Premium billing support
ANOC support

Security and CMS/HIPAA Compliance

In the healthcare industry, information security and compliance is critical. For this reason, maintaining data safety and security is our top priority. We employ a range of physical, operational, systems, and network safeguards to help ensure that information is protected. With our commitment to CMS and HIPAA compliance, you can be assured that we are 100% dedicated to following all local, state, and federal telemarketing laws and regulations. Whether we’re working on healthcare lead generation or serving as your health insurance call center, we’re focused on compliance. We’ve made billions of phone calls without one regulatory citation. Ever. Contact our Healthcare Solutions team to strategize today.

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