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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What value does DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions bring to clients on an ongoing basis versus just during enrollment season?

A: Through our experience, we’ve been able to identify and find solutions for what we feel are the most pressing issues faced by plans needing a strategic contact center partner. When plans see the value DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions can bring to interactions with both prospective and existing members, they are inclined to have DialAmerica be the voice of the plan for as many member touches as possible. We’ve identified a list of a list of the top 20 common issues facing Medicare plans today and can address each of these tough problems with our customized solutions. Please click here for a listing of the top 20 issues.

Q: What are the top four ways DialAmerica helps health plans succeed?

A: We help health plans succeed in today’s marketplace by:

  1. Growing the membership base with effective prospective member call interactions
  2. Ensuring first call resolution for most member issues
  3. Helping providers with automated systems to attain valuable information
  4. Coordinating efforts to retain membership on an on-going basis

Q: Shouldn’t I be hesitant to outsource such an important part of my business?

A: We hear that a lot, at first, so we would encourage you to talk with the partners we have today. DialAmerica’s ThinSourcing approach demands a contact center environment that acts as an extension of the health plan and adds value. Our expertise in contact center best practices and our customizable technologies for health plans enhance the experience your members and providers will have. Our efficiencies and scalability will keep your costs down while ensuring superior service.

Q: How will I know how many agents need to be on the phones?

A: At DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions, we put our call arrival experience to work for you. We will design a scalable solution that meets all CMS call center guidelines while remaining efficient. And throughout the program we will work with you to monitor the staffing levels to make sure your program is sufficiently covered at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Healthcare Teleservices Solutions

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