Teleservices for Healthcare


DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions is the contact center of choice for healthcare companies looking for the right customer service and enrollment support throughout the year.

We know providing healthcare customer support can be a sensitive matter. Our extensive expertise includes the following:

  • Enrollment
  • Customer Care
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Licensed Agents
  • Member Retention
  • Prospective Member Inquiries

Snapshot summary of DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions experience:

Total Number of Calls 8,200,000
Service Level 85%
Total Handle Minutes 60,600,000

DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions draws on past experience and superior forecast analysis to create call volume projections. We also respond quickly to large variations between projected and actual volumes. DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions can adapt quickly by:

  • Using state of the art technology to deploy programs quickly and easily
  • Working extended hours to meet unique client demands
  • Customizing scalable solutions
  • Aggressively onboarding when needed

Here is an example of how DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions delivered measurable, industry-leading service results for a major disease management company:

  • Leading Special Needs Plan - This client required a contact center solution that could handle not only the volume from prospective members, from five different states, but understood complex healthcare programs and had agents who could effectively communicate sensitive information. Additionally, once prospects became beneficiaries of the plan, there was an on-going need to provide support to the members and corresponding providers. Find out how DialAmerica Healthcare Solutions developed a customized program that surpassed the client’s expectations. CASE STUDY

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