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CMS Star Rating Boosting Your CMS Star Rating in 2012
According to CMS, the average Star Rating for Medicare Advantage plans is 3.32 stars, up from 3.27 stars...
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Driving Down Plan Expenditures Driving Down Plan Expenditures for 'Dual Eligibles'
According to the World Health Organization, chronic conditions are projected to be the leading cause of disability throughout the world by the year 2020...
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Making The Boomer Connection Making the Boomer Connection
This year marked the first 'age wave' whereby the Baby Boomer generation is hitting retirement age. This milestone is occurring just as the nation embarks on one of its largest overhauls of the healthcare system and the national debt is the highest it has ever been...
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Case Study  
CIP Overpayment Casestudy DialAmerica Agents Go Above and Beyond for Healthcare Plan Member
A Plan member was in dispute with a provider regarding overpayments for her mother's care. To collect evidence to refute the provider's claims, she called her plan and spoke with three DialAmerica agents...
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