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The very latest in teleservice technology

DialAmerica puts today's most sophisticated teleservice technology to work for you. Our MUSTechnology (Maximum Uninterrupted Secure Technology) provides data security, information privacy, and operational continuity. Our proprietary predictive dial system enables us to develop highly customized solutions for your very specific marketing needs. Our interactive intelligence platform supports some of today's most popular communication modes including email, chat, and text.

Operating on a fully digital basis, DialAmerica technology supports client information processing requirements across mainframe, midrange, and PC computing environments so that you can easily access data how, when, and where you need it. We combine both proprietary and non-proprietary technology to create systems large enough to support high capacity needs, yet flexible enough to develop customized solutions. These systems include:

  • VOIP ISDN Dialers: Proprietary in-house design
  • Digital Recording
  • I3 Inbound Automated and Live Operator Platforms
  • Internet SFTP with PGP Encryption
  • HTML Scripting
  • Intel Pentium-Based PCs
  • Windows and UNIX Software Platforms

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