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No one should settle for low response rates

Here at DialAmerica we can certainly wow you with creative promotions and fantastic scripts served up by top-notch agents. But in reality, the best return on your marketing investment may come down to database modeling. Fortunately, that’s something else we excel at.

DialAmerica uses sophisticated database modeling protocols that help eliminate hours of non-productive calls to customers who have little likelihood of responding to your offer. We know that all names are not the same and that the better performing ones can be reliably predicted through careful list analysis, modeling, and prioritization. So that’s exactly what we do.

We know how to spot the cream of the crop

We start with Info USA/Donnelley’s entire U.S. business and consumer databases, and build from there. We evaluate specific indicators to determine lead segmentation, list penetration, and daily calling timeframes. We create contact management strategies that maximize net order performance. The resulting models direct our agents to prospect names with the best potential for sales success. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

Our advanced modeling capabilities provide a powerful way to eliminate suspects and focus on your real prospects.

Does one geographic area respond better than another? Do urban markets outperform suburban ones? Are customers residing in single family dwellings responding better than those in multi-family dwellings? Do FICO scores correlate with response rates?

For optimal results, we constantly evaluate data and incorporate new learning, continually refining our models as a campaign rolls out. We never stop looking for ways to enhance performance.

Our mission is simple: To use create database models that zero-in on the kind of customers who are going to say “yes” to your offer, sending your response rates—and ROI—to new levels.

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