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We've made billions of phone calls without one regulatory citation. Ever.

In today's tough regulatory environment, compliance is more important than ever. With DialAmerica's commitment to compliance, you can rest assured that we are 100% dedicated to following all local, state, and federal telemarketing laws and regulations. Our program is so effective that we have never been cited with a telemarketing violation by any regulatory body.

Committed to maintaining a zero-complaint environment

We are the Quality Leader when it comes to compliance. Our founder and CEO, Art Conway, is one of the industry's most respected authorities on compliance and advises extensively on best practices. The Director of our Government Affairs and Legislative Compliance department also serves on the Direct Marketing Association's Ethics Committee. We work so closely-and so well-with regulatory agencies that DialAmerica was the only telemarketing service bureau asked to participate at the Federal Trade Commission Forum on Telemarketing Sales Rules.

Relax, we have you covered

Our dedicated compliance department knows regulatory issues inside and out, and immediately informs all divisions of any new requirements or changes. We retain legal counsel to help ensure ongoing compliance in areas such as scripting disclosures and calling curfews. We also conduct audits of call centers, along with compliance knowledge "pop quizzes" to make sure our agents know exactly what kind of terminology they can-and can't-use.

You can be sure that we not only understand the regulations affecting OUR industry, we will become experts on the laws, terminology, and compliance requirements affecting YOURS.

The very highest ethical standards

DialAmerica's Code of Ethics is at the center of our commitment to quality, and it plays an important part in our new-employee training. With constant oversight, we firmly adhere to standards such as proper identification, calling hour restrictions, "do not call" policies, and disclosure requirements. And just to be sure, all of our agents must pass our stringent compliance-training course before they ever pick up the phone.

Complying with complex, fast-changing regulations can be an enormous headache, depleting your resources, time, and money. Working with DialAmerica, you can be sure that you'll stay on the right side of the law every step of the way.

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