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At DialAmerica, we have a completely different philosophy towards call center sales training than our competitors.

We believe training is an investment in productivity,
not an expense to be managed.

We serve the interests of our clients best when we empower the people entrusted with their products and services. Our experienced leaders are prepared to manage sales processes for client benefit. And our powerful agents are trained to succeed from day one.

It’s certainly not cheap to train sales agents for success. But the investment pays dividends in our agent-to-supervisor ratio of 12:1. In the unrivaled conversion rates and customer service we deliver for clients. In our industry-high retention rates and the repeat business we do across all categories. We’ve developed innovative call center sales training solutions that lead to increased conversions and enhanced customer satisfaction. And we've got more than a half-century of B2B and B2C sales success to prove it.

Results-Driven Training for Sales Agents

Our call center sales agent training follows a focused set of principles:

  • Small training groups produce big results - We strive to keep our training classes to 10 people or less, so each agent gets the personalized attention he or she needs to truly understand a client’s products, mission, and campaign goals.
  • What you need is what you get - We adapt our training to meet your specific marketing goals and needs. We even invite our clients to "Train the Trainer" sessions, where we solicit feedback on our approach and how to better incorporate targeted sales and service messages.
  • The customer experience drives our training - As the stewards of your business, we see every prospect and customer interaction as an opportunity for enhanced relationships. We don't train agents to just read scripts. We teach them customer-focused sales and service skills that empower “conscious conversations”, such as active listening, and how to overcome objections, develop a rapport, and deal with irate customers. They learn closing and conversational skills. During telemarketing sales training sessions, our agents are motivated to achieve a higher level of success in call center operations.
  • Coach early and often - We know that the first weeks of an agent's career are make or break time. That's why our managers get involved from day one, and stay involved. We have new agents "nest" in small groups on the sales floor, handling live calls under close supervision. Our managers – typically 1 for every 12 agents – give real time feedback and coaching. Attention yields retention...and more confident, effective agents.
  • Training never ends - And that’s a good thing! Our sales agent training is an ongoing process. We conduct initial, residual, cross, and product update sessions to make sure your campaign – and our agents – will be successful. Each call center has a mentor program, in which a proven agent helps a trainee advance. We also offer a comprehensive training certification program, covering all aspects of teleservices management and coaching, for agents who want to move up the ladder.

When you choose DialAmerica, we become a seamless extension of your culture, your brand, and the promise it offers through our ThinSourcing methodology. That is why we focus – and spend – so much on agents’ training. Sure, we could spend less, and pass those savings on to you. But we'd all pay in the end. Our sales representatives know teleservices practices, and your brand, inside and out. They present the impression you want current and potential customers to experience at every stage of contact. They deliver.

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