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When you invest in call center operations, you want to elevate customer satisfaction while minimizing costs. One of the best ways to save on teleservice costs is to avoid incurring them. Sounds simple, right? Then why do so many "low-cost" vendors actually rack up bigger bills for you? Hidden costs. They are what offshore and other "low cost" vendors don't mention when they're pushing extra low "cost-per-hour" rates. At DialAmerica, we deliver superior call center performance without those hidden fees that cause issues for your B2B or B2C sales budget.

Call Center workforce optimization for optimal efficiency

We know that these fiercely competitive times demand call center workforce optimization using effective techniques. From the manager to the agent, our team members have the resources for optimal productivity and efficiency. As we execute strategies to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction, we also review these processes to ensure that all of our actions, and interactions, fully support your business goals – and fast results.

We team with our clients as a premium partner, not a "low-cost" vendor, saving them time and money. Here's how:

  • We make every call count - DialAmerica agents are the best there are, and they use their telemarketing sales training and industry-leading skills to provide proactive feedback, script revisions, and effective techniques that optimize marketing programs. Our experienced account management team brings valuable strategic insight. Our call center optimization practices keep campaigns on track. The result? A greater return on investment, without hand-holding and endless follow-up.
  • We make more sales faster - DialAmerica’s optimized workforce processes translate into more sales. It doesn't matter how low your cost-per-hour is if you're not using that time to make sales. That's why the metric that matters for us is cost-per-sale. With the lowest cost-per-sale and highest conversion rates of any teleservices company, we consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Our compliance is second to none - Regulatory and compliance discrepancies are an expensive black hole, consuming countless hours and precious resources. We’re proud to say that in more than 50 years of doing business, we've never been cited by any regulatory agency. In fact, our Chairman and CEO, Art Conway, is an industry authority on compliance. He has advised and lectured extensively on best practices. We set the industry compliance standard – and that saves you time and money.
  • Call centers to be proud of – Our call centers are so well managed that we like to show them off. There’s no need to schedule a site visit. We're happy to host clients at a moment's notice, so they see our customer service and sales process management in action.
  • We charge clients once, for a full service offering - When we launch a campaign, we agree on a comprehensive game plan with our clients, price it accordingly, and execute efficiently. No nickel-and-diming for ad hoc requests. No circling back with a hand held out when we face an unexpected hurdle. We focus on business, not incremental fees. As the industry’s most productive telesolutions company, we keep to your budget, your timeline, and our word.

Invest in the best. Avoid hidden costs. Save time and money with DialAmerica.

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