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DialAmerica’s Key to Increased Sales and Lower Costs

DialAmerica’s sales process automation delivers highly efficient, accurate, secure, and cost-effective results. The automation of routine call center tasks allows our agents to fully focus on their B2B and B2C sales strategies. Optimal sales process management also contributes to call center optimization. It saves you time and money, while giving your customer’s enhanced convenience. With our data gathering capabilities, you can also receive customized reporting that is integral to short- and long-term business planning.

We train our dedicated agents more thoroughly than anyone else in the industry. This training prepares them to utilize customized sales process solutions during critical interactions. During more than five decades as a sales leader, we have continually advanced our training and technology to ensure substantial and sustainable returns on your investment.

Improve Sales Processes. Choose Success. Choose DialAmerica.

With an emphasis on creative technology, we develop customized tools to improve sales processes for our clients. We also work collaboratively with each company to develop brand-specific sales techniques that align perfectly with your goals and values. And as your front-line contact center channel, we will integrate with all other relevant departments and systems to provide your customers with meaningful experiences. Our intelligent platform supports the most frequently utilized communication methods – from voice to text to chat. Backed by an elite level of call center training , our agents quickly adapt to the journey your customer takes, providing seamless interactions that enhance your brand. With ongoing sales process improvements, we make the most of your time, our time and, most importantly, the customer’s time.

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