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We’re experts in B2C and B2B telemarketing lead generation services and business teleservices. With over 50 years of experience and thousands of sales campaigns behind us, we know firsthand the unique challenges and huge opportunities of selling to businesses. We are also highly experienced in promoting products and services to consumers.

Reaching the right prospects is just the beginning. Our representatives benefit from our ThinSourcing approach that makes us a seamless extension of your brand, and use “conscious conversations” to respond to your customers’ needs and issues in an authentic way. Both of these techniques generate leads, close sales, and build solid relationships.

Maximized B2C and B2B lead generation services. You name it, we do it.

We've helped to maximize business sales leads for all industries from computer software to travel services. Our B2C and B2B lead generation services can be used in coordination with marketing strategies in the way that’s best for your company. That may mean our teams support your internal sales force, or manage an entire campaign. We provide the highest level of expertise for managing telemarketing lead generation, offering:

  • Consumer and Business Lead Generation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Consultative Sales
  • Scheduled Callbacks
  • Fulfillment Center Services
  • Detailed, Timely Reporting

Turn telemarketing sales leads into customers

We believe that training is an investment in quality and productivity, not an expense to be managed. This has never been clearer than with the specialized training that prepares our agents to interact with telemarketing sales leads successfully. The business-to-business agents at DialAmerica are chosen specifically for their maturity, confidence, and skills. Because our B2B team members receive thorough telemarketing sales training, they understand the products they promote and can speak confidently with corporate executives and other highly educated professionals.

When it comes to both our B2B and B2C marketing, our agent-to-supervisor ratio is the lowest in the industry. And our agents know how to:

  • Get past "gatekeepers" quickly and politely
  • Identify and reach the most valuable prospect immediately
  • Engage customers and sidestep upfront rejection
  • Convey a product's value knowledgably
  • Adapt sales strategies and upselling techniques to individual customers

The right words at the right time

Some of our clients provide us with pretested scripts, and we are happy to work that way. But many clients rely on our scriptwriting expertise. With decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn't. You'll get a precise, persuasive script that captures attention, overcomes resistance, and emphasizes product value. Plus, our use of “conscious conversations”allow our highly-trained agents to respond in a genuine way and professionally manage any situation that arises during the telemarketing or teleprospecting call.

We’ll prove that when it comes to sales, DialAmerica is the marketing partner for you.

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