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DialAmerica’s in-house fulfillment center services will enhance the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your call center operations. From our completely U.S.-based facilities, we offer order processing and information distribution. Our order fulfillment solutions are designed to save companies time and money. We manage everything from brochure mailings to direct mail campaigns with an unparalleled client commitment. Our services fully utilize today’s most common communication methods, including e-mail, text and chat. The goal is to manage each order while providing best-in-class customer experiences. From mailing literature to arranging product delivery, our comprehensive order fulfillment services work to ensure highly satisfied customers. We unite leading edge technology with personable interactions to create happy, loyal consumers and business clients. If your company needs a highly reliable outsourcing partner to take you from order processing to delivery, consider the DialAmerica difference.

Direct Mail and Order Fulfillment Outsourcing

With our breadth of expertise, we can efficiently serve as your direct mail and order fulfillment outsourcing partner. DialAmerica can provide order fulfillment services exclusively or integrate the processes into other contact center operations. For optimal productivity, our teams offer fulfillment outsourcing in perfect coordination with the following scalable capabilities:

Appointment Setting Services
B2C or B2B Lead Generation
Customer Acquisition
Upsells and Enhancements
Customer Retention

Our customer service agents are trained to mirror your company’s brand image and drive your campaign’s success, as we streamline the distribution of direct mail and e-mail offers. The proactive outbound teams also follow up with innovative approaches that capture more conversions.

We understand that fulfillment doesn’t end with delivery. Backed by DialAmerica’s industry-leading training programs, agents are prepared to resolve issues. And our real time reporting can help you strategize future sales. Contact us to find out more.

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