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We make the most of every opportunity to increase your customer’s satisfaction. DialAmerica has a proven record in customer retention solutions that merge advanced systems with personalized interactions. We understand that long-term customer relationships can increase profits and that loyal customers are integral to business success. Our talented contact center agents effectively communicate with existing customers using your company’s message. They are fully focused on retaining current customers, expanding relationships, and, ultimately, increasing profits.

At DialAmerica, delivering superior customer service with the goal of building brand loyalty is at the heart of every engagement, and our agents are trained to reflect and act on this core value. In addition to our expertise in customer retention management, we offer these complementary contact center programs:

Lead Generation
Business Appointment Setting
Customer Acquisition
Order Fulfillment Solutions

Through every facet of our service, we provide positive and meaningful interactions that reinforce existing relationships, enhance brand perception, and generate revenue. We work tirelessly to improve customer retention for our clients.

We Know How to Retain Customers

At DialAmerica, we have the experience, expertise and resources to ensure your call center channel aligns with your customer base. We know how to retain customers for the clients we view as partners. DialAmerica develops tailored programs that utilize our unique ThinSourcing technique, where we make every conversation count, build a rapport with your customers, and uncover opportunities for future revenue. Our agents undergo comprehensive training, enabling them to listen to your customers and actively engage them in a meaningful dialogue. We speak in your brand voice.

Empowered, passionate customers are among the strongest assets in a brand’s wheelhouse. That’s why we take agent training and strategic customer retention so seriously. And give your customers a seamless experience that guarantees less attrition, positive engagement, and enhanced brand perception.

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