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At DialAmerica, we offer winning revenue generation strategies that deliver outstanding results. Our roots lie in telemarketing sales. It's the reason we were founded more than a half-century ago. Many of our senior managers started as agents, learning the business from the ground up. They understand the value of treating your product, business and brand as their own. With the most experience and insight of any teleservices team in the industry, we put revenue generation strategies into action. And you see results.

Invest for success and increase telemarketing sales

We have a laser focus on how to increase telemarketing sales and revenue generation for our clients. You’ll find our sales approach is very different from our competitors. We hire only the best people, providing them with intensive telemarketing sales training. We compensate them well and motivate them every day. The result? An exceptionally committed team that delivers industry leading conversion rates to increase sales and revenue.

Connecting with customers for telemarketing sales

To us, teleservices isn't about filling call center seats. It's about people connecting with people – whether we’re conducting telemarketing sales campaigns or managing your appointment scheduling. Our agents produce satisfied, and repeat, customers with each online or phone interaction. Through our ThinSourcing model, we make sure our agents are an indistinguishable extension of your company, which makes the sales process even smoother. More than 50 years of experience has taught us quality, not quantity, is what makes inbound and outbound telemarketing sales programs more effective. That's why we keep things small and targeted. Our agent-to-supervisor ratio of 12:1 is the lowest in the industry. And the majority of our dedicated U.S. call centers do not exceed 100 seats.

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