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DialAmerica’s superior training and beneficial agent-to-supervisor ratio allow our B2C and B2B customer service agents to deliver results. They are empowered to create genuine connections with your customers as they work swiftly to respond to business needs, whether that involves sharing product information or solving problems. Our intelligent platform integrates seamlessly with your in-house technology. This capability, along with our agents’ superior skills, enables us to deliver high quality interactions.

Our 50 years of contact center expertise spans both business-to-consumer and business-to-business services. We take your company’s brand across multiple channels, sharing your image through the most popular communication mediums. Our staff makes optimal use of our inbound and outbound resources to convert prospects into customers and reinforce brand loyalty. Top-performing agents work to improve customer experiences during both sales and service interactions. By exceeding service expectations, we boost the power of your brand and enhance customer satisfaction.

Call Center Business-to-Business Services

Personalized call center business-to-business services remain one of the most powerful tools brand managers can use to grow their customer base. At DialAmerica, we make each customer interaction a positive experience, as we strive for a zero-complaint environment. Through unfailing courtesy and exemplary product knowledge, our agents have achieved an exceptional record of both B2C and B2B customer service. This success benefits our clients directly through customer retention and satisfaction. It generates sales, profits and referrals.

Rated as one of the best call center providers in the U.S., DialAmerica excels at establishing that all-important human connection. DialAmerica’s elite training includes telephone etiquette, conversational skills, rapport building and active listening techniques. By keeping things personable and targeted, we can make every online or phone interaction count. Contact us to learn more.

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