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DialAmerica is a recognized leader in customer service training customized to clients’ needs. We ensure that our agents have the tools to support your business success. Your customers receive consistently positive interactions, individualized attention, and valuable product knowledge. For us, training is an ongoing process that develops a vital business resource – our talented team members.

We view call center training as an essential investment. The reward is success…for the agent, client and customer. Having skilled, knowledgeable and courteous agents on your side is a definite advantage. When this bonus merges with our low agent-to-supervisor ratio of 12:1, the result is an unbeatable combination that delivers:

  • Excellent customer experiences
  • Industry-leading retention rates
  • Repeat business and a higher potential for referrals
  • Increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty

We developed our internal customer service training programs with the ultimate goal of client results. For more than a half-century, we’ve been driven to succeed with our sales campaigns, service offerings, and ambitious training initiatives.

Call Center Training for enhanced customer service

Our unique approach to call center customer service training builds the company-to-customer bond. We aren’t asking our agents to simply read from a script. Instead, they learn to treat every interaction as an opportunity to enhance a relationship. They are proactive, establishing a rapport with callers and listening to their feedback.

Our representatives are also prepared to politely handle customer dissatisfaction. We are continually coaching and providing them with targeted sessions that support your service goals and accelerate your sales campaigns, if applicable.

We have established elevated standards for our customer service training programs, as an investment in our company – and yours. You’ll see measurable results when our people provide stellar business-to-business and business-to-consumer services, demonstrate confidence in presenting your products, and excel at customer experience management. Ask us how we can improve your service processes. Your business deserves nothing less.

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