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Currents in the teleservices industry

  • Volume 18
    In an effort to stay relevant in our digital world, brands are becoming more reliant on the use of new technologies. Despite this transformation, contact centers have remained a vitally important resource.
  • Volume 17
    When making decisions in business, the bottom line is always a top consideration. From engaging outside vendors to hiring new employees, companies must anticipate the impact these choices will have on their success.
    This issue of Currents focuses on the value contact centers provide.
  • Volume 16
    In this issue we focus on the relationship between consumers and contact centers. We begin by discussing the main areas of sensitivity for consumers when it comes to customer service, from timely service to proactivity. The second article touches on the value that a personal touch brings when interacting with customers in today’s technology driven world. Finally, we address the potential hidden cost of savings for brands considering a cost-centric change.
  • Volume 15
    This issue of Currents focuses on the role of the contact center in modern marketing. The first article emphasizes the importance of providing customers with quality service during every interaction with your brand. Next we explore the growing area of multichannel marketing. In the final article, we discuss the role your contact center plays in driving marketing efficiency.
  • Volume 14
    This issue of Currents is all about the crucial capabilities for success in the contact center.
    We begin by focusing on how quick response times positively impact customer conversion and retention rates. The second article explains why creating low-effort customer interactions is the key to customer loyalty. Finally, we discuss how to ensure your contact center is a sales and lead generation resource that contributes to the growth of your company.
  • Volume 13
    This issue of Currents is about preparing for unanticipated circumstances. The first article focuses on the importance of having a crisis communications plan in place and the role your contact center should play. The second article discusses how business transitions can affect your brand. Finally, we delve in to the true cost of losing customers and how to build relationships and loyalty.
  • Volume 12
    The marketing mix has become increasingly complex with companies devoting bigger budgets across more media channels, and particularly in digital media. But this can be a "double-edged sword" as it adds more pressure on marketing leaders to prove a greater return on investment, ...
  • Volume 11
    In a recovering economy, customer retention is vital for profitability and success. To keep your customers happy and loyal, their expectations must be met at every touch point, from the store front to the customer service agent on the telephone. When it comes to building these relationships, your contact center can be one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal ...
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