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Currents in the teleservices industry

  • Volume 18
    In an effort to stay relevant in our digital world, brands are becoming more reliant on the use of new technologies. Despite this transformation, contact centers have remained a vitally important resource.
  • Volume 17
    When making decisions in business, the bottom line is always a top consideration. From engaging outside vendors to hiring new employees, companies must anticipate the impact these choices will have on their success.
    This issue of Currents focuses on the value contact centers provide.
  • Volume 16
    In this issue we focus on the relationship between consumers and contact centers. We begin by discussing the main areas of sensitivity for consumers when it comes to customer service, from timely service to proactivity. The second article touches on the value that a personal touch brings when interacting with customers in today’s technology driven world. Finally, we address the potential hidden cost of savings for brands considering a cost-centric change.
  • Volume 15
    This issue of Currents focuses on the role of the contact center in modern marketing. The first article emphasizes the importance of providing customers with quality service during every interaction with your brand. Next we explore the growing area of multichannel marketing. In the final article, we discuss the role your contact center plays in driving marketing efficiency.
  • Volume 14
    This issue of Currents is all about the crucial capabilities for success in the contact center.
    We begin by focusing on how quick response times positively impact customer conversion and retention rates. The second article explains why creating low-effort customer interactions is the key to customer loyalty. Finally, we discuss how to ensure your contact center is a sales and lead generation resource that contributes to the growth of your company.

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DialAmerica in the news

  • The Benefits of Hiring a Multigenerational Workforce
    Hiring a diverse, multigenerational workforce can help to drive your business. In an article on Glassdoor’s Blog for Employers, Rob Schultz, Sr. Vice President, Director of Contact Center Operations at DialAmerica, explores the unique benefits that Millennials, Generation Xers, and Baby Boomers can bring to your company.
  • DialAmerica Ranked in NJBiz Top 100 Privately Held Companies
    Once again, DialAmerica is ranked as one of the top 100 privately held companies in New Jersey.
  • Call Centers Answer Jobs Needs Locally
    In a recent Johnson City Press Article, call centers are described as an important sector of the economy, especially in Tennessee. Norine Toomey, SVP of Workforce Management and Development at DialAmerica, discusses the need for call centers and DialAmerica’s dedication to keeping its agents local.
  • Why Hospital Systems Need Wellness Programs
    Wellness programs are more than just a great way to boost ratings and patient satisfaction. They keep America's patients healthy. Such programs – even small exploratory ones – are worth the consideration of hospital systems and their affiliated physicians everywhere. Tom Gleason, VP of Business Development at DialAmerica, explores the benefits of wellness programs through a patient’s story.
  • How to Deal With a Difficult Customer-Service Conversation
    Tough conversations are generally difficult to initiate and respond to. Whether they occur in personal or professional life, we are hard-wired to act, react and emotionally invest -- and that makes it difficult to know how to resolve conflict. Norine Toomey, SVP of Corporate Development at DialAmerica, reveals the step-by-step process to follow to resolve any difficult conversation.
  • Why You Still Need the Telephone in Customer Service for an Experience Advantage
    Telephonic interaction has proven to be the most basic – and core – customer service, sales and ultimately brand-building tool any company could utilize to enhance its understanding of customers and ability to serve them.
  • The growing importance of patient satisfaction and first call resolution
    There are a number of things that health insurers can do to deliver better care and improve customer experience. And, in the context of the healthcare contact center, first-call resolution is crucial.
  • The Critical Role of Communication in Accountable Care Organization Success
    As the number of ACOs continues to increase, their success in coordinating care and reducing costs can be aided by a multichannel contact center that delivers an integrated approach to member communication and diligently reports measurable data and analytics in real-time...
  • How Do You Define A Lead
    Answering a seemingly simple question — what is a lead? — is in actuality one of the more challenging aspects of marketing and sales...
  • PPACA: The exchange contact centers
    Insurance agents and brokers should keep in mind that contact centers will be on the front lines of the PPACA rollout.....
  • Customer Service Reps, Agents Will Be ‘Front Door’ to Public Insurance Exchanges
    Carriers should monitor how often the correct information was provided during the initial call to reduce returned calls and create a better customer service experience, says Rich Smith, director of business development at DialAmerica.....

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Connecting with industry trends, challenges and solutions

  • 10 Ways to Hire and Retain the Best Sales Talent
    - Salespeople are invaluable to any business, but attracting and retaining the best sales talent is a unique challenge, especially in today’s competitive marketplace. Beyond simple dollars, here are ten ways you can attract and retain the best sales team........
  • Keys to Creating Business Distinction
    - In today's hyper competitive, high-churn business environment, strategic rethinking is the main focus of many business leaders. While some are content with only minor adjustments, others are faced with the challenge of drastically revamping their brand........
  • How to Get the Best Out of Your Contact Center in 2015
    - After reviewing the past year and spending considerable time planning and preparing, businesses are enacting plans, employees are feeling motivated and refreshed and there is a renewed commitment to making this year better than the last........
  • The Case for the Telephone in Customer Service
    - At the 2014 Association of National Advertisers' 2014 Masters of Marketing Conference some 2,800 marketers and vendors gathered to discuss their craft.
    Throughout the event, the concepts of brand purpose and listening, as well as knowing and serving customers, came up repeatedly.......
  • Regardless of the Channel, Keep It Personal and Customized
    - A stand out trend in this space right now is personalization. According to DMNews and Forrester, 92 percent of marketing and customer insight professionals say their companies have taken a greater interest in personalization this year. ......
  • Outsourcing vs. Insourcing – What is best for you?
    - Outsourcing is a healthy business practice that carries real economic benefits with it. This system drives innovation, competition and creativity in myriad industries and professions country and worldwide.....
  • Founded in '57 – DialAmerica's View of the Contact Center Industry 57 Years Later, & Where We're Headed
    - 2014 marks 57 years since DialAmerica got its start in the contact center industry in 1957. In this special edition Dialogue, we would like to pause for a moment to reflect on this unique milestone, where our company and industry have been, and where we are headed. ......
  • Contact Centers Are Still Key to Great Marketing
    - Marketing is awash with buzzwords, complexity and new channels to consider adding to the mix. Developing and implementing a successful program can be overwhelming and fraught with risk. Thankfully, fundamental marketing truths have held up as marketers' options continue to increase. ......
  • Turning Contact Center Costs into Contact Center Profits
    - Exceptional customer service is increasingly important to build and maintain a dedicated customer base. In a survey of B2B companies released last year, Walker Information projected that by 2020, positive customer service will be the most important factor on customers’ minds ......
  • What is Your Time Worth? 6 Ways Contact Centers Can Save Your Company Time
    - Everywhere we look, companies are facing an all too common corporate struggle to ensure that employees are as productive as possible during work hours and not constantly sidetracked by emails, impromptu meetings and other interruptions......

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