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Businesses Begin Adopting ThinSourcing

Release date: 10/13/2008

White Paper Defines New Approach That Virtually Eliminates
Line Between Company and Vendor

MAHWAH, NJ (October 13, 2008) – As businesses search for more efficient, effective ways to operate in a difficult economy, a new form of outsourcing is emerging. Defined as ThinSourcing, the approach creates an intimate business relationship in which an outside vendor functions as an indistinguishable part of a company’s operations.  ThinSourcing is explained and documented with case examples in a new white paper entitled “ThinSourcing: A New Way for Businesses to Operate.”

The paper was commissioned by Arthur Conway, President and CEO of teleservices leader DialAmerica, who observed changes in how companies and their most trusted vendors were beginning to interoperate.

“ThinSourcing represents a powerful, growing solution for today’s marketplace,” says Conway. “Companies looking to lower costs, reduce capital investments, operate more efficiently, serve customers better and, ultimately, compete more aggressively should look to vendors who practice ThinSourcing.”

In validating ThinSourcing as a business approach, DialAmerica collaborated with the American Teleservices Association (ATA) to survey 24 major U.S. companies that outsource over $300 million in customer acquisition and customer care functions.  Among the key findings were these:

  • The number one reason for outsourcing functions – cited by 77 percent – was to enable companies to focus on their core business imperatives.
  • 94 percent said it was important that outsourcers have business experience in their industry sector.
  • 95 percent said it was important that outsourcers understand the rules and regulations of their industry.
  • 91 percent said it was important that outsourcers having an impeccable compliance record.
  • The number one concern in assessing the value of outsourced customer care programs – cited by 94 percent – was customer satisfaction.
  • 41 percent expressed dissatisfaction with off-shore outsourcing vendors.

Although DialAmerica’s white paper only recently branded and codified ThinSourcing as a business concept, several progressive companies have already been operating in a manner that is consistent with its principles and practices, according to Conway.

“UPS has moved well beyond package delivery and now runs entire supply chains for some of its clients,” he observes.  “Similarly, ADP has expanded beyond payroll processing and now manages other companies’ whole human resources functions.  These examples are quite different from the narrow outsourcing arrangements of yesterday.  They clearly demonstrate that companies are willing to turn over core business responsibilities to outside vendors that operate with a highly integrated ThinSourcing model.”

In studying the marketplace, Conway realized that DialAmerica, which his father founded 50 years ago, had never operated as a traditional outsourcer.  Instead, it functions in a manner that virtually eliminates the line between his company and its clients. “In many cases, we actually become our clients’ sales force, devising their strategy and executing a multifaceted sales campaign,” he explains.

The white paper, which expands on Conway’s thinking, identifies five critical capabilities a ThinSourcer must offer in order to build a successful relationship with its clients.  These include:

  • The ability to develop and manage customized solutions that precisely meet client needs
  • An advanced, secure, seamless technology platform
  • Sophisticated recruiting, training and retention programs
  • Comprehensive, timely and transparent reporting systems
  • Impeccable compliance processes and record-keeping protocols

The complete white paper, “ThinSourcing: A New Way for Businesses to Operate,” is available at www.thinsourcing.com
About DialAmerica:
DialAmerica Inc., one the nation’s largest teleservices companies, is recognized for its expertise in providing comprehensive, cost-effective customer acquisition and care solutions for consumer and business-to-business marketers. Serving the marketing and fundraising communities for 50 years, DialAmerica has a diverse portfolio of clients in multiple industry sectors, including financial services, communications, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technology, travel and leisure, consumer products, energy and others.

The company has extensive experience in the publishing arena and in supporting clubs, continuity programs and cause-related marketing. DialAmerica’s vast expertise in designing customer acquisition and care programs and in hiring/training superior teleservices agents enables the company to provide its clients with the highest standards of account service, information security and regulatory compliance, while delivering the lowest cost-per-transaction. For more information, please visit www.dialamerica.com.

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