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At DialAmerica, we provide specialized Government Solutions that meet the needs of citizens across the U.S. With the support of our government customer service agents, these constituents receive vital information about public sector programs and benefits. When citizens reach out for assistance, they often have complicated and urgent questions. Since our call center may be their only direct interaction with an agency or department, it is critical for our representatives to be both knowledgeable and sensitive. Our goal is for the citizens who require government customer service to experience a positive and productive interaction.

Government sales outsourcing

We help the public when they need to connect with government entities. And we also assist businesses that want to enter or further penetrate markets in the public sector. With our government sales outsourcing solutions, clients can expand opportunities for business development. DialAmerica representatives are trained to implement marketing strategies that support the acquisition and retention of the government customer. Our experience is especially valuable to companies which are emerging into this competitive arena. From government sales outsourcing to healthcare solutions, we provide effective strategies for complex industries.

U.S.-based call centers

DialAmerica is a corporation operating solely in the United States. Our company is a pioneer in the development of the call center industry and continues to stand at the forefront of its innovation.

Headquartered in New Jersey, DialAmerica operates exclusively from 21 U. S.-based call centers. We manage government sales and service interactions from key cities such as San Diego, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo and Knoxville. Backed by more than 50 years of experience, we are committed to providing the quality service that citizens expect. Government sales outsourcing and public sector sales are integral to the domestic call center solutions we offer.

Government customer service experience

DialAmerica is the partner of choice for government customer service programs. In addition to our experience in this arena, we have also successfully executed high-value, customized programs across multiple industry sectors, including:

Communication / Telcom / Media
Financial Services
Transportation & Logistics
Travel & Leisure

We approach clients from various industries as partners, not vendors. We become a seamless extension of their organization through our ThinSourcing approach and superior training, working to deeply understanding their goals, subject matter, and operating principles. This partnership is vital to the success of our sales and service programs for government agencies and complex industries.

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