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DialAmerica has vast experience working in financial service sales. Our agents specialize in helping mortgage and credit card companies manage all facets of their business. As a financial services call center, we solve banking challenges, acting as dedicated representatives of your brand. Our agents deftly facilitate critical aspects of the financial industry, including customer acquisition, enhancements, enrollments and activations. Our specialized ThinSourcingSM method ensures that our service delivery is virtually indistinguishable from that of your own company. And all of your solutions are provided by an industry leader with an impeccable record of data security and regulatory compliance. We understand that both major U.S. banks and smaller financial companies deserve unique contact center solutions. That’s why we take a customized approach to financial services telemarketing and customer care. We develop successful credit card, home mortgage and financial marketing solutions. Our call center agents are trained to support a wide range of financial products and services, including home equity loans, retail banking, auto finance, and credit cards. From providing credit qualifications to setting loan appointments, we offer comprehensive benefits for our clients and their customers.

Financial Services Lead Generation

The exceptional resources in our 100% onshore call centers will support your expanded presence in a competitive marketplace. We’re well equipped to manage financial interactions, with both potential and existing customers. DialAmerica also provides financial services lead generation to support new customer acquisition. We can take these leads to the next level by contacting preapproved or preselected customers and processing their applications. We’re also experts at contacting your current account holders to offer additional products, and at reviving business through dormant account activation.

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