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Through education lead generation, DialAmerica will bring your campaigns to a targeted audience, capturing interest in your product or program. We have specialized experience in reaching out to institutions, from the elementary school to the university, during educational telemarketing campaigns. Our well-spoken outbound agents are true B2B sales performers, gaining the attention of decision-makers who can advance the purchase process. Whether we are selling educational products or the education itself, our agents develop credible relationships with each contact. We also specialize in higher education lead generation for the private school, college or university. And once leads are qualified, we can accelerate prospective student interest in your campus. With 50-plus years of experience, DialAmerica is the ideal company for generating education leads. We execute targeted campaigns where we work to strengthen your market position by acting as a seamless extension of your institution or business.

Educational Call Center Solutions

Whether a product works best for the Pre-K or pre-med student, we can promote it within the marketplace. As an educational call center, we have the opportunity to assist schools and educators in connecting with the right learning solutions for their students. Our agents are ready to field inquires about intelligent tools and essential supplies. They relay the benefits of a range of offerings – from interactive Smart Boards to food service options. We also train our agents to relate to the educator and administrator. As they implement education call center services, DialAmerica representatives interact with teachers, department chairs, curriculum coordinators, principals, superintendents, and information technology integrators.

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