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We have cost-effective solutions for today’s most competitive communications, telecom, and media markets. As your communications call center, DialAmerica executes strategies that compel customers to choose your services. Our solutions are customized, flexible and scalable. We have the unique ability to not only explain the technical features of your telephone, cable and Internet services, but to also establish a trusted rapport with the customer that leads to conversions. We employ savvy salespeople who are trained to listen and uncover customer needs, and then suggest products that meet those specific needs. They relay benefits to the consumer or business client, employing cross-sell and upselling techniques when appropriate. DialAmerica’s media customer service specialists reflect your business philosophy during every interaction – whether that involves setting an appointment, explaining bundle discounts, or handling a technical call.

Our agents become knowledgeable representatives of your video, voice, and high speed data products. By utilizing our intelligent platform, they can also make upgrade recommendations based on a customer’s account history. We’re proud of our record in surpassing client expectations through consultative selling for communications, financial services, and other corporate clients.

Media Industry Sales and Service

DialAmerica will customize our media industry sales and service processes to fit your business, every step of the way. We’re the recognized leader in delivering solutions that address the unique challenges of cable and Internet sales. And we’re eager to introduce new service opportunities to the B2B or B2C communications customer. Our call center media solutions are comprehensive. They include lead generation, sales, order processing, technical support and customer care. DialAmerica’s high performance, U.S.-based agents are dedicated to your success.

Our revenue-generating strategies also benefit businesses in following fields:

Energy Sales
Government Solutions
Healthcare Enrollment
Transportation & Logistics
Travel & Leisure

DialAmerica’s call center leadership is an asset for the communications industry. Contact us to explore the exciting possibilities.

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