DialAmerica is proud of its long partnership with the non-profit community. For more than 50 years, our record as a leading non-profit call center has included notable achievements. This is because we respond with proven strategies to the unique challenges faced by charities and non-profit agencies. DialAmerica has generated a remarkable $232 million serving as the fundraising call center for more than 60 organizations nationwide.

We understand that knowledgeable, compassionate agents can best represent the charitable culture. Our agents execute efficient, cost-effective campaigns, as we pursue your organizational goals – whether that involves donor acquisition, fundraising, or community awareness. We work with you to create campaigns or donation programs that model your mission. If your organization is searching for a strategic partner to manage annual drives, emergency disaster relief, or volunteer logistics, we have the resources to meet your needs. We also work to strengthen the vital connection between donor and agency.

Cause-Related Marketing and Fundraising Strategies

DialAmerica has developed cause-related marketing programs and fundraising strategies to support charitable organizations, while also strengthening brand images. The core competencies of our fundraising sales agents focus on creating, implementing, and refining solutions that provide maximum donor value. Our cause-related call center programs include outbound and inbound services which can efficiently manage donation processing. DialAmerica will work to ensure you receive the fastest and highest ROI possible, and our expertly trained specialists are prepared to fully integrate with any multichannel cause-related strategy.

Our customer service expertise is an asset for both non-profit and for-profit companies, including those in the following sectors:

Financial Services
Government Solutions
Transportation & Logistics
Travel & Leisure

Organizations of all sizes partner with us. Let us advance your goals, while treating your donors with the respect they deserve.

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