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Business Process Outsourcing

For more than a half-century, we’ve been helping clients across all industries build their businesses using business process outsourcing. Our level of call center experience is unrivaled in the industry. It has positioned us to offer highly effective, innovative solutions for customer acquisition and retention. At DialAmerica, we've spent decades refining our sales and business lead generation practices so you can increase customer satisfaction and maximize profits. We invest in the best technology and training to deliver proven results that consistently exceed those of our competitors. We're proud of our legacy of success with business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing campaigns for a diverse portfolio of clients, including many marquee Fortune 500 names.

Our clients have learned a thing or two about us as well. That we approach their businesses like a partner, not a vendor. That we become an extension of them and consider their success our own. And that we can deliver proof positive on our industry-leading customer service and lowest cost-per-sale commitment. That's why we do so much repeat business and have maintained many client relationships for 20 years or more.

Our comprehensive call center experience, and our success, spans a wide range of industries, including:

Communication / Telcom / Media
Financial Services
Transportation & Logistics
Travel & Leisure

Sales: The DialAmerica difference is in the numbers

When it comes to sales, the numbers don't lie. DialAmerica marketers maximize conversion opportunities by using their contact center experience and specialized training. Here are a few examples of how we took sales campaigns to a whole new level for clients:

Leading Satellite Broadcast Company - DialAmerica transformed an underperforming campaign with a flawed sales approach and subpar reporting into a strategic sales program focused on customer needs. The result: more than 210,000 additional sales per year and a 42% conversion rate increase.

National Credit Card Issuer - In a competitive marketplace, DialAmerica created innovative offers to sell credit cards to members of several affinity groups. The result: significant market share gains and a sales record of 146% of goal, better than any other teleservices company the client tested.

Large Pharmaceutical Company – We capitalized on a client's DRTV ad, managing inbound sales for a specialized product. The result: A 70% conversion rate (well above the client's desired 50% target), at $2 less per call than the client budgeted.

Information Technology B2B - DialAmerica targeted IT managers with a free demo CD offer that opened a dialogue about potential buyers of a new application software server. We then captured and prioritized qualified leads and delivered them to our client. The result: 4,000 qualified leads, 25.6% of our contacts, and well above client expectations.

Service: We become you to meet customer needs

In complex industries like financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical, customers rely on their providers' product knowledge and sensitivity to guide them through life's changes. Our call center agents are committed to providing your customers with enhanced level of service. Here are a few examples:

Major Healthcare Provider - DialAmerica handled the customer care for an HMO insurance program and individual plan provider, including explaining eligibility, accurately capturing caller information, and fulfilling information requests. The result: Handling 300,000 calls in a nine-month period, we saved our client more than $100,000 and beat every quality and customer service objective.

Medicare Prescription Drug Provider - DialAmerica used the phone and Web to educate Medicare members on plan options and enroll them in appropriate programs. The result: Handling nearly 19,000 calls per week, plus Web traffic, faxes, and mail, we enrolled nearly 70,000 people at a cost-per-enrollment well below client expectations.

Mortgage Lender - Following our client's radio ad for a low mortgage rate, we handled all customer care for an ethnic customer base. Our English- and Spanish-speaking agents answered questions on the offer and referred potential borrowers to loan officers. The result: A 45% conversion rate - 15 percentage points above client expectations - on a call volume of 2,500/month.

We drive business success and customer loyalty. Whatever your industry, DialAmerica has invaluable business process outsourcing capabilities and resources to help you reach your goals. Contact us now to implement your sales campaign or customer service program.

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