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Making Your Contact Center a Profit Center

According to a survey from Deloitte, client-side business growth will drive increased demand for teleservices in the new year. For contact centers to act as a true business partner, they should actively contribute to the growth of the companies they work with – not just reap the benefits of it. Anything less is an underutilization of a terrific asset. Making Your Contact Center a Profit Center

As businesses review the books and make choices for next year, they should make sure their contact center is, at its core, a sales and lead generation-capable resource.

In a number of different situations – from service to sales to teleprospecting – a contact center can reinforce your brand and increase revenue, but only if it is capable and willing to capitalize on its potential to do so.

As you decide which contact center is right for you, consider the following qualifiers – and set clear metrics that will ensure your partner delivers on growth:

  1. Sales Culture – Service is an undeniable necessity in today’s consumer and BtoB environments. But good service should also add value for customers. Make sure your contact center trains agents to be sales-oriented and always on the look out for actionable opportunities to cross or up-sell.
  2. Lead Generation Capability – Aside from straight sales and sales-oriented service interactions, your contact center can drive lead generation. This only works if it is tightly integrated with client-side databases and systems. Utilizing a contact center to help internal sales staff find and qualify leads is a valuable arrangement.
  3. Agent Centricity – In order to maintain sales and lead generation capabilities, contact center agents must be well trained and mentored. Contact center partners with personnel management systems and managers that focus on the frontline – the agents – and their sales and lead generation performance are crucial.
  4. Experience – Sales and lead generation are old disciplines, and experience and a history of delivering results are indicators that a contact center is capable of directly contributing to business growth.

We hope you found this month's Dialogue informative, and wish you great success in building your business alongside your contact center partner in 2014.

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