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Making It Easy for Customers Is More Important Than
Exceeding Expectations

According to The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty, a new book from CEB, if companies want to build loyalty they need to focus on “making it easy,” not on “exceeding expectations.” Making It Easy for Customers Is More Important Than Exceeding Expectations

The authors found that there is virtually no difference between the loyalty of customers whose expectations are exceeded in service interactions and those whose expectations are simply met. In fact, their research shows that 96 percent of customers who put forth high effort to resolve their issues are more disloyal, but only 9% of those with low effort interactions are more disloyal.

A crucial tactic for creating low effort customer interactions is to establish seamless operations and integration with your brand across all channels. This includes outsourced customer service programs such as contact centers, which can “make it easy” for customers in a number of ways:

Brand Experts: When agents are well-versed in a company’s brand, they are better able to assist customers. But this doesn’t require developing a costly in-house contact center operation. Tapping a contact center partner with well-trained, experienced agents on staff means your customers are interacting with brand experts who understand their needs.

Real-Time Information: Equipping external contact centers with real time information allows them to provide a quality experience for customers and stay up-to-date on brand messaging and policies. A contact center with the necessary back-end technology in place is able to quickly disseminate information and updates to agents and keep track of which have received and read the material.

Fast Response Times: A large part of making service interactions low effort is delivering short waits and quick resolutions. A contact center with scalability can ramp up or down as necessary based on call volume, resulting in fast responses for customers.

While exceeding customer expectations has long been a foundational goal of many customer service programs, creating an easy, low effort experience is mission critical to creating loyalty in today’s competitive marketplace.

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