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Building Customer Trust in All Channels

New Marketing Methods Offer Promise – But Should Not Be the Only Tool in the Box

A recent Association of National Advertisers study found 96 percent of marketers currently use or are planning to use mobile marketing – indicating tremendous marketer interest in this and other developing channels. However, new research from Forrester indicates consumers are not quick to match marketers' enthusiasm. Building Customer Trust in All Channels

As reported by MarketingCharts, only 12 percent of adult U.S. consumers trust mobile advertising. Likewise, only 15 percent trust social media marketing, 10 percent trust website ads and 9 percent trust text messages they receive from companies. At the same time, U.S. consumers place a lot of trust – up to 70 percent in some instances – in third-party testimonials, such as online reviews, recommendations from friends and family, and search engine results.

Marketers cannot afford to rely on a limited number of newer communication tools. Their marketing mixes must focus on the new reality that customers seek out brands on their own terms, and place increasing trust in the purchase decisions and recommendations of others. Brand managers should evaluate their marketing and sales strategies holistically, taking into account not only new customer acquisition efforts, but also important post-acquisition touchpoints that can act as lynchpins for future sales.

Your contact center's performance continues to play a crucial role in building your customers' trust and loyalty. By ensuring that all interactions, via telephone, online or social media, are positive and meaningful to the customer, brands will build a strong network of advocates and positive word-of-mouth. A balance between old and new channels, focusing on a positive brand experience with every type of exchange, will yield far better results than overconfidence in any single new platform. New channels offer many creative and unique ways to reach customers, but they cannot be the only tool in the modern marketer's toolbox.

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