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Telephonic Customer Service – The Cornerstone of Loyalty and Revenues

Brand Managers That Keep an Eye on the Basics
of Stellar Phone Service Win Big

According to a recent piece on The Huffington Post, Customer Service: The New Proactive Marketing," loyal customers are worth up to ten times the value of their first purchase, and it costs over six times more to get new customers than it does to keep even a single current one. These figures speak volumes about the value of customer loyalty as the cornerstone of business profitability. Telephonic Customer Service – The Cornerstone of Loyalty and Revenues

Aside from in-person interactions, telephonic contact is the most dynamic, meaningful and immediate customer service tool. Providing solid service via phone not only builds loyalty, it also gives companies the ability to listen to, and act on, positive and negative customer feedback. This ensures that interactions end on a high note and continue to create demand.

When outsourcing a customer service program, brand managers are always concerned with metrics such as first call resolution rates, time per transaction – and above all, cost. While these factors are important, managers should also consider the following three holistic measures discussed in the post:

  1. Time - From a customer’s perspective, service is about meeting their needs on their terms and timetable. Agents need to be able to patiently listen to and assist customers as they explain their issues, and then solve their problems as efficiently as possible.

  2. Attention - Agents must be nimble, friendly and attentive to customers. This requires training and standards above industry norms, which allow agents to respond naturally while still staying on-message and on-brand. Fully scripted or automated systems are simply unable to deliver against this standard.

  3. Care - Empathy cannot be measured by any pre-determined formula. If a contact center agent is able to align themselves with customer concerns, resolve them and inject positive brand messages throughout, nearly any customer can become one of your "biggest advocates and the largest source of referrals, which relates directly to profit."

Technology and new social media channels have forever changed the landscape of business, but doing your best to ensure loyalty through good customer service and consistent satisfaction is a winning strategy for any brand. Strive to treat every customer interaction with the utmost care, and watch your brand’s loyal following, and profits, grow in return.

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