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Invest in your Customers' Contact Center Experience

Savvy Customers Want Information – Not Sales Messaging

The rise of Internet commerce has rapidly evolved customer expectations and purchase patterns. A recent Harvard Business Review blog post, "Invest in Your Customers More Than Your Brand," explores this concept in depth. Savvy Customers Want Information – Not Sales Messaging

Too often in today's marketplace, brands invest in marketing tactics that focus on selling. In an environment where "customers can easily discover everything about [any brand's] products and services," it is important that companies adjust their marketing to focus on openness, service and credibility instead of overt sales messaging.

Any customer who reaches out to a brand for more information before making a purchase, or to have a problem solved, is undoubtedly searching other channels as well. The brand's challenge is to ensure that the contact center handling customer inquiries can measure up to those other resources, which include reviews, articles and word-of-mouth, by providing the most accurate and compelling information available.

Brand managers might feel that this caliber of service necessitates a costly, in-house contact center solution. While brands do find success with in-house service, many have discovered that partnering with a dedicated, outsourced contact center provider has its advantages. These include scalability, overall cost-savings and rapid adjustment to changing customer preferences.

By working with a contact center that employs talented, well-trained agents who understand your customers' culture and expectations, you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace, save money and increase revenue. More importantly, by investing in your customers, you will be setting your brand up for continued success both now and in the future.

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